Lenton DNRA

The Lenton Drives and Neighbours Residents’ Association works to try and ensure that all living in the Lenton area can enjoy a good quality of life in a peaceful, clean neighbourhood.

The Lenton Drives look amazing in the autumn with all the different leaf colours

Our main focus is the neighbourhood of the Lenton Drives and Lenton Triangle but our membership and interests include residents of The Park and Radford as well as Lenton residents on the Boulevards and beyond.

The association strives to :

  • Tackle problems and issues connected with noise, anti-social behaviour, litter and refuse
  • Connect people within the neighbourhood and improve relations
  • Seek ways to balance the local community and attract more families to the area

AGM on 28th Feb 2019 – Nominations needed!

Do you feel passionate about our area and want to be part of changing it for the better? On 28th February 2019, we will be holding the Annual General Meeting - and this is your chance to stand or nominate someone to stand for the committee.…
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