Noise and disturbance from taxis

What to do about persistent engine noise, sounding horn, etc.

Some taxi-related noise is entirely caused by the passengers – e.g. large groups of students assembling on the pavement before the taxi arrives.  

If a taxi-driver sounds the horn, leaves the engine running for long periods, etc., you might want to:

Take a note of:

  • The vehicle registration number and/or the taxi licence number
  • The name of the taxi company
  • The make and model of the taxi
  • The time of the incident

If possible, speak to the driver.

If unable to do so, or they fail to cooperate, you can make a complaint to Taxi Licensing at the Council in one of two ways:

  • fill in the online form, following the link at this page
  • or email, with details of:
    Date and time, Location, Nature of problem,
    Reg number, Make/model of taxi, Taxi company, Name of driver if known.

You may not get all these details – just get as many as you can!  The most important is the reg number or taxicab licence number.