Bins and recycling

What to do about problems with bins

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Managing your own bins

Go to this page – – to find the answers to most of your rubbish collection questions, including checking your bin day, reporting a missed bin collection, requesting a collection of bulky items, local tip, requesting a new or replacement bin.

Our nearest recycling points for clothes and shoes are at Tesco in Willoughby Street and Sainsbury’s Castle Marina store car park.

Badly-managed bins when properties are vacated

This is a particularly bad problem in our area where HMOs – usually let to students – are vacated at the end of term or at the end of tenancy (especially 31st July).  Overflowing bins, often with loose rubbish strewn around them, may be in front yards or out on the street.  This is unsightly, attracts flies and pests, and can smell.

If you spot properties like this, please email The Canning Community Protection team ( with the address of the property, and any other information you can give – for instance the type of rubbish, if there is a Letting Agent advertised on the property etc – and, if you have the technology, a picture.  This helps the Council to hold landlords responsible for badly-managed properties, even applying penalties in some cases.

Mentoring new neighbours with their bins

Many of the young people in our area are managing their own rubbish for the first time, and might appreciate a word from knowledgeable neighbours about how to do this – for example, which bin goes out when, and what goes into which bin.

Try to establish good relations with your new neighbours – be proactive and talk to them about bins and give them a little help:

  • Have they nominated one occupant to be responsible for bins?
  • Are the bins marked with the house number?
  • Do they know their bin dates?  If they don’t have the Council leaflet, they can download it after putting in their postcode here:
  • Are they putting out/bringing in bins at the right times?  Warn them against putting out bins too early (they become targets for bin-divers and pranksters) and leaving them out once emptied.  They can face fines for leaving them out –  and moreover, where there are lime trees, they become sticky.  You may want to help them out if they are all out on bin-collection day by bringing their bins in for them – hopefully they will return the favour for you when necessary.
  • Do they have enough bin capacity? Are they compacting their rubbish/recycling (flattening boxes, crushing drink cans…)?  Do they need to ask their landlord for a second bin (landlords are responsible for ensuring adequate number of bins )?  You may want to help them out occasionally if you have spare capacity in your own bins!
  • Are they recycling properly?  Cans and jars rinsed clean, and everything dry?  No carrier bags, plastic bags or wrappings – otherwise the recycling bin won’t be emptied! The leaflet available via the link above explains how to ‘recycle it right’.
bins x 3

Obviously, you won’t want to bombard your new neighbours with a long lecture on bins as soon as they move in, but try to approach them early if you feel they will be receptive to advice and cooperation.

You can get support from the City Council to be a Clean Champion.  Please let us know at LDNRA if you become a Clean Champion, so you can liaise with other Clean Champions in our neighbourhood.