Noisy parties

What to do if you are disturbed by a noisy party

House parties, continuing late into the night, are frequently a problem in our area.  Occupants of local houses, including students, have a right to hold parties but must do so responsibly as all residents also have a right to a peaceful night’s sleep.  As a local resident, you can remind those holding parties of what their responsibilities are.

If a party appears to be starting (loud music, several people arriving at the house) you can ask the occupants if they are just gathering before going out clubbing or if this is to be a party. Whichever it is, you can ask what time they plan to finish. It’s better to intervene early rather than sitting inside wondering when the noise is going to stop!

If a party is just starting:

  • take a note of the house number
  • speak to the occupants – if students, ask if they are UoN or NTU
  • remind them to take positive steps to  minimise noise – keep music volume down, close windows & doors facing other properties, discourage guests from gathering in the back yard or on the street, make sure guests leave quietly.
  • point out that there are elderly neighbours and young children living nearby that need to sleep
  • remind them that courteous occupants inform their neighbours before they have a party.

Once you feel the noise is becoming a problem, if possible go to the house and talk to the occupants as above.  Only do this if you feel safe and confident.

If you can’t talk to the occupants, if you are verbally abused, or the noise disturbance continues, call 101.

  • Make sure you give your name and address, even if they do not ask.
  • Give as much detail as possible but try to avoid using the term ‘noise’.
  • Before you end the 101 call, make sure the officer you speak to gives you an incident number.
  • The next day, please also fill in our LDNRA incident log , including the incident number.
  • If UoN students are involved, you can also complain to their Off-Campus Student Affairs officer

If the police do not attend, don’t think all is lost.  The incident should be passed on to the CPOs.  But to make sure, you can contact the Anti-social behaviour team at the Council (Office hours only) and report the incident retrospectively and a Community Protection Officer will respond accordingly.  Even though the party won’t have been stopped, the occupants may well receive Community Protection Notice Warnings so won’t be doing it again!

Contact the Community Protection team on 0115 915 2020 or click here to report it online:

101 is the police non-emergency number.

Groups of people outside, Drunk and Disorderly behaviour in the street such as hearing bottles smash or abusive language are things the police will take notice of it they have the resources.

If the ASB van is available to attend to the disturbance, they will send it out.

If not, they will pass any report which has an incident number to CP (Community Protection) to be dealt with the next working day.

The second part of an incident number is the date you report it, e.g. 123-28032017 for an incident on 28th March.

To find out more about Community Protection, click the following link.