Planning Concerns

What to do about building extensions, suspected planning breaches, etc.

For an explanation of recent planning history and planning classifications, click here.

Every summer, and often over other holidays, several houses in our neighbourhood have scaffolding erected, foundations dug out, windows altered, roofs replaced and extensions built.  It can be very frustrating for those of us living nearby.  Much of what is done however, is by way of aesthetic improvement or maintenance and upkeep.  This said, there are also many cases of landlords extending their properties to make them either more desirable or to fit in more students.

The planning department currently have only one planning enforcement officer for the whole of Nottingham City. They appreciate us bringing issues to their attention, but to keep them on board and enable them to have time to tackle the issues that they have the legislation to deal with, we should try to make sure cases we raise are genuine breaches of planning.

If you are aware that a property near you has recently been occupied as a family home but is now being used as an HMO, please contact Cllr Sarah Piper or LDNRA via our Incident report form below.

If you are concerned about some work being carried out, but you are unsure whether it falls within permitted development or not, you have three options:

Whichever course of action you choose, it would be useful for our records if you could log the details on our ‘Report an Incident’ form:


NB If you initially report the suspected planning breach to the Council’s Planning Department or to one of the councillors, it will be assumed that you will follow it through. LDNRA will not become involved unless you specifically request our help.

It is helpful to our area if residents add their comments to planning applications.

Click the button above for a list of recently notified local Planning Applications. (Updated 17 Apr 2019 – no current applications)