Street maintenance

What to do about faulty pavements, street lights, etc.

For litter, street cleaning, see … Street Cleaning

Street maintenance problems like blocked storm drains do not fix themselves, but you can do your bit for our community by reporting them to the City Council.  Remember that the Council relies on residents to report these issues – if they don’t get reported, they don’t get fixed.  Go on – don’t wait for someone else to do it!

You can report most of these issues on the Council website at

Here are some of the many categories you will find on that page:

Report a Problem with a Road or Pavement, including:

  • Carriageway defect, e.g. pothole
  • Problem with a pavement
  • Problem with road markings
  • Missing/damaged drain covers
  • Bollards, railings or road signs

Broken Street light. Each street light has a unique identifying number which you can use to report it.

Abandoned Vehicles

Blocked gullies (storm drains). These frequently get blocked by debris washed down roads by heavy rain. Once they are blocked, rainwater sits above them in a large puddle. The Council have a specialist team to unblock them.

The Council will normally respond and take action within a reasonable time.  If you are not happy with the response, you can contact one of  your Nottingham City Councillors .

Note: for Nottingham City Council Tree Services, ring (o115) 915 2705 or email

When you follow a link from the Report-It web page, you will be prompted to log in/set up an account.  You can also ‘Continue without an account’.
Having an account saves your details and makes it quicker the next time you want to report something to the Council.

When you get through to the reporting page, just fill in the simple form and submit it.  On many of the forms, you have the option of uploading photos if they help illustrate the problem.

If for some reason you can’t report the problem online, you could phone the Council on
(0115) 915 5555