Who’s who: UoN Off-Campus Student Affairs

University of Nottingham off-campus liaison

Shared mailbox for all general enquires: offcampus@nottingham.ac.uk

Jamie Dickinson
Off Campus Student Affairs Manager
0115 74 87412

Kirsty Rackstraw

Kirsty Rackstraw
OCSA Deputy Manager
0115  74 84572

Naomi Newberry

Naomi Newberry
OCSA Deputy Manager
0115 74 84517

The overarching function of the Off Campus Student Affairs (OCSA) team is to support students living in off campus communities, ensuring they are safe, enabled and responsible citizens that impact positively on the place in which they choose to live, work and study.

The OCSA team is the main liaison for police, fire service, various local authority services, private rented housing providers, community organisations, residents’ associations and any general public enquiries related to off campus student engagement, welfare and conduct.

Students will be supported in the transition from halls of residence into an off campus environment and for the duration of their time living in a mixed community. A community and citizenship education plan is delivered to students through a variety of campaigns, activities and initiatives to encourage and develop independent, responsible, inclusive and valued community members.

The code of discipline for students is in place to make sure that good standards of communal life are maintained and ensure that behaviour shows proper concern for the impact students have on others and for the reputation of the University. By registering with the University, students have agreed to comply with the code. Students are expected to adhere to the regulations, procedures and policies of the University whilst they are living in off campus communities. The OCSA team responds to allegations of community misconduct and where the behaviour of a student falls below the expected standards the procedures in our code of discipline are instigated.

The University has a committed financial partnership with the Nottingham City Council Community Protection department and the OCSA team manages this budget and the ongoing relationship.

For major incidents affecting our students in an off campus setting, the OCSA team will be the main point of contact.

For more information about the Off Campus Student Affairs team please visit: nottingham.ac.uk/yourcommunity