It’s that time of year again when streets in the Lenton area are full of people unloading from cars, as many new and returning students from both Universities move into their rented homes, off-campus, in the community. We would like to welcome our new student neighbours into our community and wish you a great academic year. We hope that you will make a great contribution to our locality.

We permanent residents have had some great student neighbours over the years who have been considerate and kind. But we know that the large numbers of students living in our area can also bring some very distressing problems. These are usually caused through  a lack of understanding rather than malice, so we would love to give you some tips for not upsetting your neighbours – no matter who they are:

  • Confine your drinking to homes, pubs and clubs: in Nottingham, street drinking is restricted and you can have your alcohol confiscated by the Police or Community Protection Teams. No one minds you drinking at home or your chosen venue – but large groups of drunken people on the streets can be intimidating,stopping others from leaving their homes and sometimes becoming isolated. Please keep our area an enjoyable and non-intimidating place to live for all.
  • Please keep the noise down at night! Just like any other community in the UK, Lenton has many different types of people living in it – families, professionals, the elderly as well as students. There are many school children living in the area who need sleep to have the same learning opportunities as you had to get to where you are today. People need to be able to get up for work, school or lectures early and need to be able to concentrate. Please do not hold parties during the week, and at weekends there should be no noise after 10pm. When waiting for taxis or walking around the area after 7.30pm PLEASE REMEMBER small children or the elderly may be trying to sleep.
  • When you move in, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your nearest neighbours. You may be able to help each other with putting out/taking in bins, taking in parcels when you are out, etc. Don’t forget to tell them in advance if you are having a party, and check they are happy with the noise levels.
  • Please use the street bins – never drop litter on the street. Take-away rubbish and beer cans attract vermin, broken glass bottles cause a hazard to our pets and children and all make the place look a mess. Lenton is your home too while you are here – look after it!
  • Dispose of your household refuse well: you can find out when your wheelie-bin collection day is here, and don’t forget to get your wheelie bin out before 7am on the day of collection. With alternating fortnightly collection for general refuse and recycling, rubbish can soon build up if you forget a bin day, causing more problems with attracting vermin. If you have more rubbish than can fit in your bin, take it to the tip; or keep it in your house until collection day: placing bags of refuse in your front yard will attract rats, and no-one wants that. Bring your bin in from the street (through to the back of the house if possible) after collection to keep the streets tidy. If you don’t you may get a fine.

Please remember to treat this area as you would the area where you grew up and contribute to the community you are living in. The outcomes will be a peaceful, tidy environment which will be great for us all.

If you are affected by any of the issues mentioned please see the ‘What to do about..’ section of this website.

We wish you all the best with your studies and don’t forget to say ‘Hello Neighbour’!

Thank you!

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VR, assisted by KL and JW