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The University of Nottingham Off Campus Affairs have engaged in an end of term advertising campaign, displaying posters encouraging students to get to know their neighbours and community.  The images have also been displayed across screens around the university and passed onto EMPO (East Midland Property Owners) who deal with many landlords and letting agents renting to students.  They hope to have posters displayed in letting agent’s offices and maybe some landlords will display within properties. Melanie Futer and I spoke today and she is ordering a number of the posters for members of the public to be displayed in windows of their properties.  I suggested this would not only act as a reminder to students, when they return, of the end of term campaign but also highlight properties where there may be children, working or elderly people residing.  If you would like one of these posters, please contact me either by filling in our contact form or emailing me here.. 

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  1. Alan Lemon
    Alan Lemon says:

    At one level we may appreciate the UoN effort to raise students’ awareness of their neighbours in the hope they might be better behaved. Otherwise we as residents need to be wary that all the UoN will achieve is pushing responsibility onto students as residents are becoming less inclined to bear responsibility for managing students’ behaviour. We need to be wary because this signals UoN reluctance to understand the degree of their direct responsibility. Realistically, we can’t totally expect students to fall into line. Understood in simple terms, they have a lifestyle while at university which they want to pursue. The UoN fails to provide them with the space to do so but this doesn’t dissuade them from inviting tens of thousands of students into Nottingham; many of these coming into Lenton. The UoN pleas to their students might help but we must continue to insist of the highest level of responsibility from the University. If landlords should be onboard, then UoN should get them onboard.


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